Hi! My name is R Phillip Castagna, but most of my friends just call me RPC.

I'm a software engineer, a writer, and a lot of other things besides; to me, the unifying theme behind it all is a desire to build the things that are there for us when no one else can be.

Notable things I've got going on right now:

  • I'm the founder and chairman of the American Leadership Foundation, a non-profit I started to back new kinds of scholarships for graduating high school seniors.
  • I'm the head of engineering at a VC-backed start-up; more news about this coming soon.
  • I'm writing a ton, and last year released my first "buy-able" fiction project, Conspiracies Against the Public, for Kindle and the assorted Kindle apps. Check out the teaser with some more info over here.
  • My Instagram is flame emojis with all original photography and artsy-ish prose poetry captions I write because why not; I try to post once or twice a day whenever possible.